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Books I've written–all labors of love.

Though a graphic artist by profession, my love of a good story and a passion for preserving them compelled me to delve into the world of the author. These four books are my attempts to capture stories close to my heart, all for posterity sake.

murray book covers.jpg


The One Big Name

Murray Korman’s meteoric rise to fame and fortune was equaled only by his rapid fall into relative obscurity. A Ukrainian immigrant and budding artist in the early years of the 20th century, by the 1930s Korman turned to the camera as his primary tool for artistic expression. Through talent and determination, he eventually owned two of the most prosperous studios in New York City, and was labeled by The New Yorker Magazine as “The One Big Name.” But poor business management, competition, and the shifting sands of the New York fashion scene sent Korman’s career into a tailspin. He died in 1961, poor and alone, his massive portfolio scattered and virtually forgotten.

vbob book cover.jpg


Through the 20th Century Lens of Murray Korman

From the late 1920s through the 1950s, Murray Korman reigned as one of New York City's premier photographers managing two very distinct, highly successful studios. His Broadway studio catered to the world of entertainment while his Madison Avenue studio focused on the carriage trade of society.

   This book, co-authored with Maureen McCabe, offers some of the best of his work, photos of some of his most famous clients, brief biographies of the subjects, and a biography of Korman himself.

marine book cover.jpg


From South Pacific jungles to sands of Iwo Jima

“In the introduction to his striking book Always a Marine, graphic artist Clyde Adams writes, ‘This book is an attempt to record a small portion of my father’s life and the events of an era that had a profound influence on the whole of his life.’ Weaving family history in with stories, photographs, and scanned ephemera, such as dog tags, letters, newspaper articles, and even his father’s purple heart medal, Adams brilliantly captures the time and essence of his subject, turning a shoebox of memorabilia into a unique, moving, and permanent artifact.”

Eileen Hansen, copywriter

How To Make A Gorgeous Photo Book

adams book cover.jpg


A Family Album

This coffee-table quality book, another labor of love that was completed in November 2010, is a compilation of hundreds of priceless old family photos dating to the late 1800s. In an effort to bring the subjects to life for the viewer, I’ve incorporated a brief history of my Adams lineage that covers many of the photo’s subjects. I concluded the book with maps, information on the final resting place of several primary family members, and images of several old documents (wills, mortgages, etc.). 

   If you’re searching your genealogy and are a decedent of Robert Freeman Adams from St. Clair County, Alabama, this book might interest you.

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