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Born and raised in the shadows of the Fairfield, Alabama steel mills, my parents instilled in me a pride in my blue-collar roots and a desire to understand and appreciate those roots. This desire prompted me to research and record my father’s WWII experiences and my family history which in turn led to my introduction into the world of print-on-demand self-published books. 

      Following three years of research and writing, I self-published Dad’s story, Always a Marine, using But my desire was to do more than simply tell of Dad's adventures. I wanted to take the reader on a visual journey. I incorporated images of letters he had written home, medals he had won, and a plethora of other graphic elements, weaving them throughout the text to create "a unique, moving, and permanent artifact."

      Soon afterward I was contacted by Blurb requesting permission to use my book in their marketing/PR efforts. Additionally, they highlighted Always a Marine in a book they published titled How To Make A Gorgeous Photo Book. Always a Marine was also featured in the book, Das eigene Fotobuch (Your Own Photobook) by Petra Vogt, published and distributed in Germany.

     My next venture, a coffee-table book documenting my family history and genealogy, illustrated with more than 100 vintage family photos, maps, and historical documents, once again captured the attention of Petra who featured it in a second book, Create Your Own Photo Book. I have since been involved with the design and/or publication of more than 60 books both on-demand and traditionally published. My goal with each is to move beyond the cookie-cutter approach and deliver a one-of-a-kind visual experience for my clients.


      On a personal note, I began my professional career as a graphic artist in 1979, after receiving a BFA in Visual Design from Auburn University. Then seven years ago, after 35 years working as a graphic artist in the corporate world, and with much prayer, I made the leap to become a self-employed freelancer. God has blessed my efforts and I'm now working from my home in a small, rural town in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, and life is good. Very good.

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